Twenty (20) Training Sessions


Twenty (20) Training Sessions

2,100.00 2,600.00

You will receive twenty (20) 55 minute one-on-one training sessions with TK at a private gym located in Hollywood, CA. He will work with you so that you become comfortable with knowledge regarding resistance training, cardio, nutrition and more.

This package is perfect for those wanting to:

-Jump start their health with a training package that’ll keep them accountable and consistent in order to reach their goals.

-Set short term goals; or those needing to lose (less than) <10 lbs of fat or add (less than) <10 lbs of muscle.

-Switch things up and challenge themselves with new exercises every month.

-Train with TK 3x or more a week with the option to work out on their own.

-Give a loved one the gift of health so that they can get their life in order.

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